Academic Management Software

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Manage your school or college data on your finger tips by our customized academic management software. Helps to reduce manual work and time. Allows specific work only for authorized staff. As this software is cloud hosted, it can access from any computer, laptop, mobiles. Easy to update daily activities such as daily/subject wise attendance, test/internal/final marks, sms for attendance/test marks, remarks of students, proctor notes,time table, notice, admission,report card, fee, fee receipt, homework, assignments attendance report, attendance shortage report, leave management of teachers, mentor report and many more. For more details contact now..


  • Registration / Admission
  • Student Information
  • Teacher Information
  • Teacher Allocation
  • Fee
  • Notice
  • Attendance
  • Homework
  • Proctor Notes
  • Test & Exam Marks
  • Messages
  • Report Card

  • Weekly Attendance Report
  • Monthly Attendance Report
  • Weekly Attendance Shortage Report
  • Monthly Attendance Shortage Report
  • Mentor Attendance Report
  • Attendance Consolidated Report
  • Subject Wise Attendance Report
  • Monthly Test Report
  • Consolidated Test Report
  • Subject Wise Test Report
  • Mentor Wise Test Report
  • Test & Attendance Consolidated Report


  • Easy to register single/group of students by input or uploading.
  • Allocate more than one subject to teachers along with day and time.
  • Fee tracking with/without installment.
  • Notices can be displayed effortlessly.
  • Day wise or Subject wise attendance is taken, generate day wise, subject wise, Monthly report, shortage attendance report, consolidated reports. And send SMS.
  • Keep track of homework.
  • Keep track of teacher’s topic in each allocated class using Proctor Notes.
  • Allocate each Test/Exam marks effortlessly by input or uploading marks. Generate subject wise report, consolidated reports. And send SMS.
  • Print Report Card by one click.