Voice SMS Gateway

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Why to use Voice Bulk SMS?
With increase in use of technologies, we are witnessing increase in users having mobile devices. With this increase, digitalization of organizations is inevitable.
Sending Voice SMS is considered the most convenient and fast way to convey information to multiple users on their Mobile Devices.

Kanbro Corporation is one such promising Bulk Voice SMS Gateway service provider which can be considered as one stop solution for all your digital requirements.

Features - Compare and Buy

  • 9 am to 9 pm delivery
  • DLT / Template apporval not required
  • Rcord your voice in .mp3 format and send it
  • Delivery to Landline, Black&white mobiles, smartphones, with internet, without internet
  • 15 secs pulse
  • More reach compare to Bulk SMS
  • CLI - Delivery from random mobile number
Reduced Costing, Improved Service
Product Quantity
SMS Credits
( in INR)
Total Incl. of Tax
( in INR)
Voice SMS 10,000 0.25 Rs.2,950/-
Voice SMS 25,000 0.16 Rs.4,720/-
Voice SMS 50,000 0.14 Rs.8,260/-
Voice SMS 1,00,000 0.13 Rs.15,340/-
Voice SMS 5,00,000 0.12 Rs.70,800/-
Voice SMS 10,00,000 0.11 Rs.1,29,800/-
  • Pricing mentioned above are inclusive of taxes (18% GST) and DLT charges not applicable.
  • No additional cost or hidden charges.
  • For documentation to create account please visit Link

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Who can use Bulk SMS services

Domains Reason
Banks OTP messages
Debit & Credit messages
Alerts, updates, circulars and reminders
Share Holder meeting & dividend
Low Balance Notice
Auto-Deduction Intimation
Installment Reminders
Consumer Brands Sale , offers and discounts
Fresh Arrivals
Customer Birthday, Anniversary and Festivals wishes
Hospitals Appointment Details
Lab Reports Status
Bed Occupancy Messages
Bill Payments
Health Card Promotions
Health Check-up Campaigns
Educational Institutions Attendance Details
Parent-Teacher Meets
Test Marks
Course Promotions
Fees receipt & reminders
Hotels Room Booking Details
Payment Receipts
Restaurants offers
Tours and Travel Ticket Booking Confirmations
Offers and Promotions
Customer Birthday, Anniversary and Festival wishes
Share Brokers OTP
Leader Transfer Updates
Service Requests
Promotional Activities

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